Julie Wong's PROactive Clinic

Unique PT Protocol

To identify all areas of restriction, the entire musculoskeletal system is analyzed for an effective and speedy recovery.

Total Body Approach

Benefit from our holistic treatment philosophy, based on the principle of treating the body as a whole unit.

Manual Techniques

We utilize manual physical therapy techniques including Gua Sha, craniosacral manipulation, cupping, and more.

Effective Breast PT

Our unique breast protocol gives the patient the ability to regain flexibility while also improving fluid dynamics in the lymphatic system.

High Quality Manual Physical Therapy

Thrive in an environment committed to the practice of experienced hands-on physical therapy.


I badly injured my knee. My ACL was 80-90% torn. However, my knee doctor believed I could recover with the right physical therapy program. He gave me the name of this clinic and what a great team! My PT was very patient and explained how long it would take to regain strength. I’m back to spinning 2-3 times/week!


I visited the clinic for ankle pain and ended up focusing on treatment that helps my entire body. I’m a CEO/entrepreneur and a mom of 2 kids so it’s hard to fit in time for physical care. But the easy scheduling, straight-forward program, and convenient free parking has me recommending this clinic to friends and family.


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